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Diagnostics North East Conference-14th/15th March 2018

Diagnostics North East is a new initiative to bring together the various research infrastructures, capabilities and resources that map to the development, research and innovation of diagnostic technologies available to both academic and commercial partners into a single cohesive structure.

This will lead to greater efficiencies, more visibility and greater opportunities to improve patient health and wellbeing through a common vision and a common approach. The role of Diagnostics North East is to provide timely and seamless services to support both industry and academia in the diagnostic sector.

The conference will be held at the International Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, on the 14th–15th March 2018 and will include keynote speakers invited from NOCRI, NICE, and MHRA as well as interactive group sessions with key experts. The aim of the conference is to showcase the diagnostic resources and expertise available to support researchers, clinicians, and industry in developing and deploying new and innovative diagnostic technologies.

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